COVID-19 Updates

Patient and team member safety is our top priority, and we have some new procedures in place to keep everyone safe as we reopen. If your child is a patient at our office, please share this information so that they know what to expect at their next visit.

When you arrive, please call our office and wait in your car. Our waiting room is closed. We will ask a few medical questions over the phone and then clear the patient to come in.

Please only send the patient inside. We are limiting the number of people in our office. Please wear a mask and gloves when entering our office. Once inside, the patient will get a temperature check with an infrared thermometer.

The brushing stations are closed, so please brush before your appointment. We will have a hydrogen peroxide rinse for each patient to use. We have extra sanitizing stations, so please use those as you arrive and as you leave.

Team members are also getting a medical survey and temperature check each day, along with additional protective equipment.

We have missed our patients and are glad to be able to see you again. Please call our office with any questions you have.